10 Simple And Effective Health Tips For Women

• Don’t do fast and weird diets

The web is full of quick diets that promise fast weight loss. But you should avoid them, they usually focus on taking out some food completely or eating only one kind of food, which is never healthy. If you really want to lose your weight eat healthily, eat smaller amounts, never eat late at night and avoid sweets. Also, do some exercise, if nothing, go to walk around your neighborhood for half an hour. Some of these fast diets will get you lose weight but as soon you start to eat normally again, every pound will come back. Plus, you are depriving your organism something it needs to function correctly. Food diversity is very important for your health.

• Sleep regularly and enough

Getting enough sleep is not just good for your beauty but for your health. It will help you live longer and it will lower your stress. Try to have defined bed time and to stick with it, as much as you can. Depriving yourself of enough sleep can lead to some serious health issues. Some of them are heart conditions and attacks, diabetes and obesity. You may not feel it when you are young but through years not having enough sleep will lead to this conditions. If you miss a night try to sleep longer next day to balance it.

• Eat food that is rich in colors

It is not about aesthetics of colorful plate. It is about the ingredients that make them so colorful. Fruit and vegetables that have bright and rich colors are full of carotenoids and flavonoids, substances that fight free radicals, and preventing inflammation. Make sure that every day you eat at least 4,5 different colored fruits and vegetables and you did more for your health than with supplements and drugs from pharmacies. Nature created everything our body needs and if you know how to find it in different barriers, fruit, nuts and plants, you will probably see the doctor very rarely.

• Go to the yoga class or do some stretching on your own

Are you flexible enough? If you are not sure try touching your toes. Stretching in yoga class or on your own is very important especially for aging when our muscles tighten and our motion range decrease. Stretching will help you get better posture and less pain. It increases blood flow in your body and it helps your circulation, which helps your brain and the rest of your body to get more oxygen which again lead to a clearer mind and better mood. In time, you will get pretty flexible and you will find that it is easier for you to do a lot of things since you will feel much lighter.

• Have plenty of sex

Having sex regularly will bring you many health benefits. It reduces stress and boost us your immunity. Scientist says that sex significantly heightens immunoglobulin a.k.a. your organism first line of defense against viruses and bacteria. It also lowers the blood pressure and it is very good for your health. It is proven that people who have regular sex have healthier hearts. You can think of it as a form of exercise, and it is also a great painkiller. If you had bladder issues heal it with sex (only for women). It happens because during the intercourse you strengthen your pelvic muscles that contract when you are having an orgasm.

• Eat seeds and nuts

Seeds and nuts show us how the small packages can be very powerful. Even though they are very small they contain fats that are good for your hart, proteins, minerals and vitamins. They are also very caloric food so nibbling it too much can spoil your dinner, but on the other hand it can help you if you are hungry but don’t want to eat the whole meal. Different nuts have different nutrition credentials and it could offer you different health benefits. One Harvard study found that people, who eat nuts very often, live longer and have healthier lives.

• Find out what are your numbers then try to make them lower

And when we say find your numbers we mean blood pressure, the level of cholesterol, fasting blood sugar and resting heart rate. When you measure them, you will know are some of them higher than they supposed to be. High blood pressure or high blood sugar don’t have to have consequences right away but they will catch up with you eventually, so it is always better to be safe than sorry. If some numbers are higher change your diet accordingly until you get better. Keeping those values in normal range will benefit you greatly when you get older.

• Drink green tea

Green tea is full of antioxidants and nutrients that will affect your body really positively. Drinking of green tea will help you lose some weight, also it will lower the risk of getting cancer, and it will improve your brain functions. Green tea improves the flow of your blood and it lowers the cholesterol. It affects your memory so much that is been found that it helps people who suffer from Alzheimer disease. It regulates and keeps stable sugar in your blood and it lowers your blood pressure. All in all, it is one miraculous drink that you should drink at least now and then.

• Laugh as much as you can

Laughing is the healthiest and most fun thing to do for your health. It decreases the stress and pain while relaxing the whole body. Nothing boosts your immune system like good laugh improving your resistance to disease. Hormones of happiness are released while laughing such as endorphins that are body’s natural feel-good chemicals. It is very good for your heart, blood flow, vessels, it protect you from the heart attack and other cardiovascular issues. And the best thing it is free and always in the reach. Laugh has a great impact on emotional health as well, which is as important as health in the physical sense.

• Have good friends

Having friends has a lot impact on our health. First of all, we most commonly laugh with our friends and we just spoke about how laughing is good for you. Friends enrich your life, boost your confidence and sense of belonging. People who spend time with a lot of people are less susceptible to colds and flues than the ones that spend the majority of time alone. Talking to your friends is a great stress relief tactic. Some even claim that women live longer because they talk more about their problems, which helps them to cope with it.

Why You Have To Avoid GMO Food

Although some experts insist that genetically modified food is completely safe, studies show that GMOs cause terrible diseases in animals, and the effects on the people are yet to be heard?!

There is none official data on possible effects on human health, but animal testing showed shocking results.

One study found that guinea pigs that were fed GM tomatoes developed over time stomach ulcers. The mice that ate genetically modified soy suffered serious damage to their liver, pancreas and testicles while rabbits developed kidney disease and serious heart problems.

A modified pea often causes allergies in laboratory animals, and oilseed rape has been main cause that animals that eat it developed fatty liver and later cirrhosis. GM corn has jeopardized immunity in animals, and in the same time it turned out that it leads to abnormal changes in the organs and is impairing fertility, as well as it helps more rapid aging and shorting the lifespan.

Long-term studies on humans have not been conducted, but there is reasonable suspicion that genetic engineering of food can leave long-term consequences, not just to us but also to our grandchildren.

For example, ingredients from GM soybeans are changing the DNA of friendly bacteria that normally live in our bodies, turning them against us. In addition, toxic substances from genetically modified corn were found in the blood of pregnant women and their unborn babies.

Since 1996, when it was the first time a meal made up of GM foods was served, until today, the number of Americans suffering from one or more chronic diseases jumped by as much as 10 percent. Food allergies are more common, and more and more children are born with autism, more and more people with the problematic digestive system, as well as those who battles with infertility.

Doctors warn that more and more women who have elevated secretion of the hormone IGF-1, have been directly associated with breast cancer, and a good part of them drank the milk of cows that have been injected growth hormone.

As environmental concerns, GMOs conducted soil and nature contamination – forever! According to some environmentalists, the consequences could be more disastrous than those that leave radioactive waste.

Genetically modified organisms are not the only problem, but also all sorts of new herbicides, pesticides, and other toxins that are sprayed on everything to make better and faster growth. As an example, you can see that monarch butterflies are exterminated in areas that grow genetically modified crops.

You can find stories of many people who stopped eating GMO food and realized after a short while they started to feel a lot better and healthier. Many of their health issues just vanished and all of that because they stop taking small amounts of poisonous food.

Nutrition Secrets For A Healthier, Happier You

Terms for healthy diet do not mean a strict prohibition against food you loveor starvation. With healthy diet we feel good, we have more energy which reflect the body’s state of health. Knowledge of the basic principles of proper nutrition can enable all this.

We have put together the most useful tips that will help you achieve this

1. Be ready for a change and gradually get used to the new principles. Implementation of the diet does not have to look like the mission impossible, but more like series of small steps that will lead to the desired changes. Instead of counting calories, try to make your plate look rich in colors and ingredients nice to look at. Add a salad to every lunch.

2. Don’t give up and if you violate the plan. It often happens that after starting to eat according to the new regime we go back to the old stuff. But that does not mean it is the end. Even if you break the rules provided or recommended by nutritionists, forgive yourself and continue with healthy habits.

3. Drink enough water and liquids. Lack of water in the body can cause headaches, lack of energy, and other disorders.

4. Find a physical activity that suits you. Something you enjoy, and just include it in your daily plan. Benefits of long-term physical activity are numerous and one of them is causing the habit of healthy eating.

5. Be moderate. Maybe it sounds boring but it is essential advice This means that you do not overeat and limit the amount eaten food. Eat less quantity, but not quality, because overeating leads to excess weight and other disorders.

6. You don’t have to completely stop eating favorite candy. Full discharge of chocolate, favorite desserts or other sweets will lead to thinking about it all the time. Also, we will have a sense that something is missing and could not wait for enough to go back to old habits and overeating. Instead, you need to reduce the amount of favorite candy and partly replace it with fresh fruit.

7. It is not only what you eat, but how you eat. Eat slowly even when you are alone and enjoy meals. Chew food slowly, savoring every bite. Do not rush, because in a hurry you will not taste the food you eat. Slowly eating will allow you to listen to your body and this way you will get the information when is enough.

8. Breakfast is a mandatory and indispensable meal. Skipping breakfast will not lead to the desired effects, instead, you will exhaust your body and slow down your metabolism. Avoid eating during the night. Dinner should be the smallest meal compared to breakfast and lunch. Avoid snacks and sweets in the evening, because of decreased activities you will not spend calories.

9. Eat more whole grains. To have more energy that will last as long as possible, it is necessary to eat healthy carbohydrates and fibers that come from whole grains. Besides being tasty beans are rich in antioxidants and phytochemical elements, which protect the body from heart attacks and heart disease, certain cancers, and diabetes. It has been shown that people who eat more whole grains have a healthier heart.

Eating Healthy Or Working Out

The answer to this question is different depending what is your goal. If your goal is to lose weight then healthy eating is something you have to devote yourself more too. Some studies show that eating less and eating healthy is far more important than working out.

When you exercise for 30 minutes every day you will burn 350 calories a day, and if you are eating unhealthy food you can go over 1000 calories more than your body needs. And if you take out soda drinks you will lose the same amount of calories as working out.

Prove for this is that during the years people became more active but obesity is rising regardless of it. The main reason is the unhealthy diet of the majority of people. Scientists did meta-analysis of all relevant researches, and concluded that, especially with children, being active did not made clear difference between children that are overweight and the ones that are not.

The main reason for obesity is processed food and food that contains a lot of sugar. The best proof for that is comparing industrially developed countries with other. Developed countries have more problems with children that are overweight, and that is because in undeveloped countries people still in majority eat what they have grown on their own while developed countries produce more processed food and children are more likely to eat fast food.

However if we talk about health working out is very important. It has many health benefits, from cardiovascular issues, diabetes, neurological disorders, depression and musculoskeletal disorders.

Combining healthy eating and exercises will also help you to maintain desirable weight more easily. You will also look much better if you have muscles and not just sagging skin after you lost a lot of weights.

So going back to beginning if you want to improve health exercise is as important as eating healthy. Combining these two methods will bring you the best results. You will lose your weight and feel much better physically and mentally.

Also, people should realize the difference between losing weight in fast ways through diets that deprive you of eating some food in order to lose weight quickly. This method is the worst one since it can affect your health. And usually pounds you lose this way, soon are returned.

The most important thing in this day of age is to be healthy. If you put your energy in being healthy by eating healthy and exercising regularly, weight loss will happen whether you planned it or not. And it will be a healthy weight loss and your body will look better than ever.

Attention Deficit Disorder Not Just For Children Anymore

ADD is a disorder that people usually link with unruly children who cannot follow what they are told to or sit quietly in a chair for more than 5 minutes, but the symptoms of this disorder can continue to develop into adulthood. Many adults do not realize that problems such as poor organization, losing things or frequent delays in appointments can be symptoms of adult ADD.


Although experts do not know for sure what causes ADHD, it is believed that genes play an important role. Another cause could be the exposure to alcohol, tobacco and other toxins during pregnancy.

Unlike other psychological disorders (such as anxiety or depression), ADD does not start in adulthood. Symptoms must be present at an early age in order to make a diagnosis of ADD.


ADHD in adults are showing something more subtle than in children. Many people eventually grow up and learn to control their behavior to some extent, and therefore have less severe symptoms related to hyperactivity and impulsiveness.

Also, some symptoms such as poor concentration and motivation or social problems can be signs of other psychiatric conditions such as depression or as a result of alcoholism or drug use.

Therefore, it is important to let a professional diagnosis regardless of whether you identify with any symptoms.

These are the main symptoms of concentration disorders in adulthood:problems with the organization (paying bills or taxes, duties at work or college)reckless driving and traffic accidents (ADD reduces the ability of long concentration on one thing such as driving)easily distracted (this symptom may affect your career, especially if you work in a noisy office with phone calls and messages) poor listening skills (many adults with ADD have a problem with monitoring the conversation and forgetting what they were told)discomfort and problems with relaxation (children with ADD are hyperactive while in adults this symptom does not show physical activity but internal unrest and tension)

Problems with initial tasks and activities (delaying work becomes a vicious circle)delay (usually the reason for this is that the person with ADD gets distracted before departure on the road)outbursts of anger (ADD often leads to problems with controlling emotions and people can “explode” because of small things, and then cool down faster than they got angry)poor prioritization (e.g. missing deadlines for exams or deadlines at work, and at the same time conducting dozens of hours to play video games or read something aside)poor self-control and spontaneous action without thinking of the consequencescraving for excitement and frequent boredom.


ADD that is not diagnosed can cause problems in almost all spheres of life such as problems with the physical and mental health. Symptoms of ADD may contribute to compulsive overeating, addiction to alcohol or drugs, anxiety and lead to low self-esteem due to the failure and failure to fulfill their potential.

It can lead to problems in the field of business and finance. People with attention deficit disorder often have difficulties at work and have a sense that they were not sufficiently successful. Find it difficult to follow strict rules and stick to routines because they are bored.

Also, it leads to problems in relationships. Business, friendship and romantic relationships can be a problem for a person with ADHD because they get disturbed with constant remarks about irresponsibility, untidy and delays. People close to you can see you as lazy, irresponsible and insensitive person.


Attention deficit disorder is usually treated with drugs that are stimulants (Concerta, Ritalin, Adderall). These drugs can be obtained only by prescription from the psychiatrist because they have the potential to cause addiction.

However there are some simple changes that you can bring in your life to help with the symptoms of ADD without medication:exercise and proper dietfinding a job that you truly care and that you loveenough sleeplearning about the organization, principles and discipline