Why You Have To Avoid GMO Food

Although some experts insist that genetically modified food is completely safe, studies show that GMOs cause terrible diseases in animals, and the effects on the people are yet to be heard?!

There is none official data on possible effects on human health, but animal testing showed shocking results.

One study found that guinea pigs that were fed GM tomatoes developed over time stomach ulcers. The mice that ate genetically modified soy suffered serious damage to their liver, pancreas and testicles while rabbits developed kidney disease and serious heart problems.

A modified pea often causes allergies in laboratory animals, and oilseed rape has been main cause that animals that eat it developed fatty liver and later cirrhosis. GM corn has jeopardized immunity in animals, and in the same time it turned out that it leads to abnormal changes in the organs and is impairing fertility, as well as it helps more rapid aging and shorting the lifespan.

Long-term studies on humans have not been conducted, but there is reasonable suspicion that genetic engineering of food can leave long-term consequences, not just to us but also to our grandchildren.

For example, ingredients from GM soybeans are changing the DNA of friendly bacteria that normally live in our bodies, turning them against us. In addition, toxic substances from genetically modified corn were found in the blood of pregnant women and their unborn babies.

Since 1996, when it was the first time a meal made up of GM foods was served, until today, the number of Americans suffering from one or more chronic diseases jumped by as much as 10 percent. Food allergies are more common, and more and more children are born with autism, more and more people with the problematic digestive system, as well as those who battles with infertility.

Doctors warn that more and more women who have elevated secretion of the hormone IGF-1, have been directly associated with breast cancer, and a good part of them drank the milk of cows that have been injected growth hormone.

As environmental concerns, GMOs conducted soil and nature contamination – forever! According to some environmentalists, the consequences could be more disastrous than those that leave radioactive waste.

Genetically modified organisms are not the only problem, but also all sorts of new herbicides, pesticides, and other toxins that are sprayed on everything to make better and faster growth. As an example, you can see that monarch butterflies are exterminated in areas that grow genetically modified crops.

You can find stories of many people who stopped eating GMO food and realized after a short while they started to feel a lot better and healthier. Many of their health issues just vanished and all of that because they stop taking small amounts of poisonous food.